1 October 2016

The teenagers from Bruichladdich

Bruichladdich had announced on facebook that it will come with three new expressions. All aged 10 years. All are Un-Chill Filtered. All are Natural Colour. 

This made me look at the USA based site for spirits to get their labels approved and I found the designs for the drams.

The Laddie Ten, Second Limited Edition 
This is the Classic Single Malt expression by Bruichladdich. It is bottled at the standard 50% ABv. I like this ABv since it allows me to add water to the point where I know the oils will come out of alcohol solution. This is a 18.000 bottle release. The Casks used are First Fill Bourbon, Sherry and French wine Casks. This is typical for The Classic Laddie. For more compositions of this dram see this blog entry 

Image as found on www.ttbonline.gov

Port Charlotte, Second Limited Edition
This Dram is also bottled at 50% ABV. This is a 18.000 bottle release. The Casks used are First Fill Bourbon, Sherry, Tempranillo and French wine Casks. I like the Tempranillo grape alot when I drink wine, So I am very interested in the influence this will have on this Dram. 

Image as found on www.ttbonline.gov

Ochdamh-mòr Octomore, 2016 Second Limited Edition
The peating level is 167 PPM. The ABV is 57,3%.  This is a 18.000 bottle release. The casks used for this dram are not revealed on the label.

Image as found on www.ttbonline.gov

All these expressions are add 10 years. The good thing about this is that one is able to compare terroir , mashing, malting and other influences while keeping the age the same. As Adam Hannett often sais "Interesting" and "a moment in time". 

This is what Bruichladdich often does. In these drams Adam Hannett allows people to explore influences one a spirit while keeping some parameters the same. This is not only good marketing, but it allows serious Bruichladdich fans to explore congeners and influences. With these expressions the age is kept te same. 

Buying these drams as a Trio is going to set me back some, but I may actually consider getting the combination. 

The other expression I found while browsing the USA label site was a 1992 expression of a 24 year old Black Art. This is going to be one hell of an expression. The ABV is 48,4%. This is a 12.000 bottle release.  Naturally no information is given about the casks used, except that they were Oak. 

Image found on www.ttbonline.gov

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