16 September 2016

Periscope "iLaddie"

For those that are on periscope, I'm there too and my account name is iladdie !

Look me up if you want .

What do I think of Periscope? 

I actually found out that periscope is pretty useless when your trying to broadcast a tasting by yourself. I just lack the amount of arms and hardware needed to keep my phone stable, read comments and keep focused on nosing and tasting. 

It could be useful for streaming a distillery tour. That is, if it is allowed and people don't mind looking at an iPhone strapped to your face while making the tour. And if the 3G/4G/wifi supports the bandwidth. Let's just say the Scottish isles are not blessed with broadband like Amsterdam is.

It is however useful, and funny, when watching other struggle with the same issues. 

The better options for recording a tour would be a GoPro or similar device. Don't worry about streaming it life unless you have the technical support of a team, permission and the needed bandwidth.

The option of doing a "face to face" chat with your whisky mates is limited to "friends only". This is where periscope is quite useless as well. The better options would be Facetime or any other program where you can just use the camera in your IMac, laptop etc. 

So my use of periscope will be limited to waiting on others to broadcast something whisky related. 

Final verdict on periscope for whisky geeks? Useless for now ....

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