7 October 2016

Islay Trip Day One

Hi As some of you might know a friend and I are going to Islay, Scotland on the 13th of October.

We are taking the KLM KL1471 flight from Amsterdam Schiphol airport to Glasgow. It takes off at 08:00 and we land at 08:30, while gaining an hour by passing true a time zone.

Ones we get thru security our next stop will be the Hertz rental-car-desk to pick up our economy class rental. I hope to god my friend is able to sit comfortably in this "Corsa" because the dude is like 208 cm tall. It should be ok. We are also bringing our friends Tom and Tom to show us the way.

The way is of to Kennacraig to catch the 13:00 ferry to Port Askaig. Check-in closes at 12:30 so that should leave us with at least some time to complete the 2:16 hour drive. There is plenty to see along the way. We pass by lakes, hills, peaks we Dutch would consider mountains, villages etc.

Google Maps iPad screen dump

There is also plenty of opportunity to take the wrong way around a roundabout and end up having to track back. This I say because this will be the first time I will be driving on the left side of the road. Wish me luck!

Ones on board the ferry we can enjoy the view for about 2 hours till we get to Port Askaig. We can "do lunch" and check out the birds. Yes I do mean birds, because my friend is a nature lover and his mission is to check out as much birds as he can. Preferably on the sandy beaches to the west and north.

From Port Askaig I scouted the route to Bowmore using google street view. Handy tool to see if the Islay roads are dangerous or not. They seemed perfectly ok to drive on as long as I KEEP LEFT!

Google Maps ipad Screepdump
What we would love to do is attend the Bruichladdich YouTube webcast for the Laddiemp4 bottles in the shop at Bruichladdich. Unfortunately the place is jam packed. Bummer!!

The rest of the agenda is pretty open, but three things are planned. A extensive tour at Ardbeg on Friday afternoon and two tours at Bruichladdich on Saturday morning.

The only other thing to do is take the ferry back on Sunday morning and fly back Sunday afternoon.

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