31 December 2015

Whisky Flavor profiles, some help please

Hello whisky drinkers of the world.

I want to ask you a question if I may.

I am trying to find good recourses for whisky flavor maps / charts / indexes etc.

If you have a link to a blog, site, book etc. please let me know!


Hunting for Lagavulin 16 yo

This Blog was originally posted on my iRomby Blog. (iromby)

I wanted to find out what I would need to pay for a bottle of #lagavulin 16 yo 700 ml, 43%

Turns out that here in Holland my options are: 
Drank.nl : € 48,50
Drankgigant.nl : € 48,50
Drankdozijn.nl : €44,50
Mitra.nl : € 63,99
Gall.nl : € 54,29
Bestofwhisky.com : € 54,70
http://www.onlinewhiskybestellen.nl :€ 57,95
Whisky-on-line.com : € 53,12
passievoorwhisky.nl : € 59,95

Prices mentioned are valid on the 30th of December 2015.

There is a clear winner Drankdozijn.

Unboxing Bruichladdich LaddieMP3 gift

To honor an epic sail trip sponsored by the Bruichladdich distillery people could send in pictures of their own epic trips!

The lads at Bruichladdich had some wee laddie bottle available and three lucky people would get selected and win a dram. People were promoted to actively bribe the jury, in good Bruichladdich tradition!

I entered and won a dram! Below are photos of the unboxing! 

The dram that I got is a 2015, distilled in 

2003, FULL TERM PORT casks, whisky that was selected to give a Christmas feeling. 

The Bruichladdich site tells us this about this dram: Distilled in 2003 and bottled in 2015, this single malt whisky has spent its entire maturation period in a port hogshead barrel by the shores of Loch Indaal.
Northern Portugal's Douro river valley is not only port's Denominação de Origem Controlada (DOC), it has UNESCO world heritage status due to archaeological evidence of wine production stretching back two thousand years.

The limited amount of 250 bottles are sold out on the Bruichladdich site and for good reason. It is bottled at a whopping 60.1% / vol and that is obviously cask strength! 

I have not added water myself till now, but you could if you wanted to. Just try if you can! 

Will probably post a blog about what I think I smell and taste later. 

Whisky or Whiskey

Why is Whisky spelled as Whiskey too?

Whisky (plural Whiskies) is used as the official spelling in Scotland.
Whisky is used as the official spelling in Canada.
Whiskey (plural Whiskeys) is used as the official spelling in Ireland and the USA

It is interesting how different languages spell whisky in different ways.

In Dutch it is allowed to use both, but it shows that you know something about Whisky is you use Whisky to tell something about a Scotch. The plural in Dutch is Whisky's according to the Van Dale dictionary.

In German it is spelled as Whisky with Whiskys as the plural.

In French and Spanish it is spelled as Whisky with Whiskies as the plural.

In Norwegian and Italian the spelling is Whisky for both plural and Singular

In Russian it is another word altogether :  виски [ви́ски] 

To stick to English/American spellings. Is one way of spelling better than the other? Nope! It is just a spelling, but it can help keep track of what your blogging about. So I will be using Whiskey and Whisky to indicate if I am talking about Irish/American Whiskey or not.

The iLaddie blog

This blog will be About my quests in the wonderful world of whisky.

I have been learning about flavour profiles in the last view days. The blog I used to post on was iromby.blogpost.nl which I will probably still use, but not so much for whisky. 

The whisky I'm most proud of getting till now is the Bruichladdich 2001 resurrection dram which was bottled to honour the reopening in 2001 of this distillery. 

I had to really look all over Dutch websites to find it. Eventually I located a store in Enkhuizen that had one bottle available. 

Having sold some good amount of Lego I decided to get this bottle for €171,- 

I'm still debating if I'm ever going to open it, but it looks like I will!