14 February 2016

Unboxing a Bruichladdich gift set

I had a lame excuse to buy a gift set of Bruichladdich whisky! 

The excuse was that Chistmas was in the past and all the gift sets were sold out! 

So the only place the Bruichladdich gift set with two glasses was still available was at the Bruichladdich online store.

So that said the order was placed and the waiting started. No that long a anyway! Islay isn't that far away from the Netherlands. 

Ones in the Unboxing can begin. 

Bruichladdich always ensures good quality sturdy boxes to go around either their bottles, or in this case, their gift sets. 

Ones out of the box the gift set is also wrapped well with plenty of bubble wrap! My kids love playing with that stuff and it's way better then styrofoam thingies. I use the universally recognised "thingies" when I have no clue what I'm trying to say. You know those annoying little white balls that stick to everything and go everywhere. So thumbs up for Bruichladdich not using those!

Ones the bubble wrap is unwrapped the gift set is in its original plastic bag.

All in all the box comes out pristine MISB and it is probably better send by Bruichladdich then picked up in a shop where it got damaged by Christmas shoppers. 

MISB is a collectors term for Mint In Sealed Box. When I typed it I had to smile while looking at the color of the Bruichladdich Classic Laddie bottles.

So, to conclude, the way Bruichladdich packages their products is excellent and ensures MISB delivery of your whisky. 

I ones said that supporting my favourite distillery by buying at the distillery itself is a good thing. It is! It feels good and that makes the whisky taste even better! 

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