1 February 2016

Nespresso vs Whisky prices

The reason for this blog entry was to find some calculated way to use money spend on daily intakes, by your partner, on coffee as an excuse, a motivation, anything really, to allow you to spend the same amount of money on whisky ;)

There are multiple ways to "motivate" the purchase of a dram based on comparing to coffee price levels. I will try some and see if they "work"!

So first up are the Nespresso drinking partners. 

I want to find out how many cups of Nespresso I, ehm my partner, would need to drink in order to spend just as much money on lets say an Ardbeg 10yo, 700ml. 

In Holland the price of 700ml of Ardbeg 10yo is about €37,50. For 1000ml the price is €51,50. 

At a price of €0,39 per pod the Nespresso can be ordered per 10 pods, €3,90 per 10.

So, at €3,90 per 10 pods, you can buy 13 packages for the price of 1 litre of Ardbeg. That's 130 cups of Nespresso. At 40ml per cup, that works out to a total of 5,2 litres of coffee for each litre of Ardbed. 

Let's see how many servings a bottle of Ardbeg would give. 

Depending on the location a standard serving is anywhere between 20ml and 35ml. So out of a 1000ml bottle one would get between 50 and 28 servings. 

Per glass that would cost you about €1,- to €1,80. 

I was hoping to find a calculated argument that drinking coffee is more expensive then having a dram, but that only works out if you happen to drink 4 cups of coffee a day! 

Hey! Did I just make the argument I was looking for? I .....erm, no no, "my partner" drinks about 6 cups a day! Ok ok! At "her" work it's free ;) argument down the drain! But if she was actually paying for each cup, you could work out an agreement for yourself. 

One could argument democracy and equality. How many weeks would it take for "your partner" to drink 130 cups of Nespresso. 

Let's be modest and say two  Nespressos daily. 130 / 2 is 65 days. So that would mean the break even point would be about bi-monthly for you to buy a bottle of whisky. If "your partner" happens to drink more Nespressos even better! 

Now let's see! I, I mean "my partners" spends €2,- for a cup of coffee each morning while commuting to work. 

At 5 cups per week, 52 weeks a year that works out to 5x52x€2,- = €520,- per year! 

Wow! That kind of money can buy me just about any dram I could think of! This will help me to motivate buying a bottle monthly! Or an expensive one at a lower frequency!

So, here are the morals of this blog! Have "your partner" save money on coffee so you can spend it on whisky! 

Or, encourage your partner to drink more Nespressos and use the "quid pro quo" excuse to motivate a dram or two ;)

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