15 August 2016

Islay! Here we come!

As the title of this blog suggests we are going to visit Islay!

Just to give the people of Islay a heads up that we are coming I'm informing you, the people of Islay, that two men are Islay bound on the 13th October 2016. 

We, a Dutch Viking called Fjodor, and a Dutch dad called Rombout (Rumbold, but no Saint) are apologising up front for: 

  • waving back at you, 
  • being kind,
  • trying to talk Scottish,
  • trying to talk Gaelic, 
  • driving on the right side of the road, 
  • bumping into the top beams of your door posts. I'm 187 cm and the Viking is 208!
  • not terrorising your terroir, 
  • indulging ourselves in local cuisine, 
  • trying to not insult your culture.

What we will not apologise for is breaking wind after eating beans, bacon and eggs for breakfast! That one is on you! 

We will be gone Sunday the 16th. Just so you know when we will be gone!

How will you spot us? We will be the tall guys in the way to small rental car!  

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