29 July 2016

Why I drink whisky and collect empty bottles

On a personal note. Why do I drink my whiskies?

I used to collect and resell Lego collectables. I still do! It's fun to buy something, put it aside for a year and then sell it for anywhere between 25 to 400% profit. After doing this for a while I notice that the only thing I got out of it was:

  • spending time hunting the web,
  • paying bills, 
  • putting boxes on shelves, 
  • advertise the boxes, 
  • getting paid for boxes,
  • taking boxes of the shelves,
  • taking boxes to the post office,
  • repeating the same steps over and over.
What I got out of it all was the gratification of seeing a number increase on my smartphone as I checked my bank account. Not to much fun I must say. I didn't learn anything and I could not play with the Legos without decreasing the value enormously. So very little fun in the here and now. All aimed at saving for later, for a future that was supposed to be good. But I realised that the future would never become the present. I would remain in the circle of buying, investing, making profits then reinvesting. 

So I thought, why not, keep the first two steps the same, but then enjoy something in the here and now. Why not learn and experience life for all its beauty.

So I swapped from Lego to
Whisky! Now I still sell my Lego with 400% profit, buy a beautiful dram, an educational dram, a sentimental dram  and learn about what makes a good whisky good. But most of all I enjoy the flying fuck out of it before I die! 

I do this because I lost my younger sister and realised it only takes one moment of shear dumb luck to end a life. Only then did I truly understood "Carpe Diem" for the first time and now I choose not to wait for life, to save money for future life, but to live now! While I can! 

That is why I don't collect full bottles, I collect empty bottles and I collect moments I spend with friends enjoying life while drinking a fine dram! 

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