3 July 2016

Science-Nerd-Review of "Stultitia" by "Et Fidus" Distillery

A new whisky has come from the "Et Fidus" Distillery located on the wind showered shores of Loch Glen Moore. The spirit is called "stultitia" in the proud tradition of this Distillery ran by owner and Master Distiller Ben Granddram.

On the nose:
The nose hits with a crisp sense Exhyl Hexonoate. There is a clear note of fresh picked iso-Amyl acetate. A pleasant hint of the cask influence comes thru as gentle burned 4-Vinyl-guiacol hits your nostrils. Combined with some added punch of Euganol this is a pleasant American White Oak influence that clearly hasn't been lost at this first fill. The Maltol does not overpower the rest of the nose. The Geraniol that is ever present in the distillates of this distillery is not lost in this pleasant nose. 

On the palate:
The Euganol and 4-Vinyl-guiacol that were predominant in the nose arrive as soon as the spirit hits the palate. The vanillin is pleasantly there. A slight but not distracting hint of o-Cresol that quickly subsides if you let it breath for a while in the glass. Later in the development the 2 and 3-Methyl Butanol comes thru from the distillate and grains. There is a hint of 4-hydroxy-2,5-dimethyl-3 (2H) furanose too. The mountfeel is predominantly Heptanol and Diacetyl which covers your mount quite pleantly. 

On the finish:
The finish subsides rather quickly, but the main influence is predocmently Euganol driven. 

All in all Ben Granddram did it again. He was again inspired by the locale of Loch Glen Moore and this terroir clearly comes thru in this singular expression. 

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