20 March 2016

Dutch Whisky: DenHool, Single Malt Whisky

This year I am going to enjoy my summer vacation in the lovely province of Drenthe right here in the Netherlands, aka Holland.

I will enjoy two weeks in a spa resort. I should have plenty of time to explore local distillers, I thought. So I googles "Drenthe Whisky" and stumbled on the DenHool website. They have a Facebook as well.

I started reading only to find out that this April 2016 will be the date that they will bottle their first whisky. There is an option on the site to get on the list of people wanting to buy a bottle. So I filled that out and I'm on the list. No pricing information is available yet.

There will be a 6 Years Old Brought to market first and this is what the website gives as information about this Whisky. The name will be "Veenhaar 2010".

This whisky will be launched onto the market in 2016.


  • Name of plot: Veenhaar
  • Coordinates: N 52º 40’23.2 and E 6º 47’35.2
  • Type of barley: Prestige
  • Harvest: Landbouwbedrijf Ten Hool, July 2008
  • Malt house: Dingemans, July 2009
  • Distiller: Zuidam, January 2010, triple distilled, pot still
  • Filled: 19 February 2010
  • Barrels used: new American oak, first refill bourbon and PX sherry
  • Bottled: spring 2016 (scheduled)
  • Number of bottles: unknown
The aim is to create a wonderful golden-brown whisky that smells of fruit, honey and vanilla. A well-rounded whisky with recognisable flavours such as caramel, vanilla, tannins, toffee and fruit and a long-lasting and intense after-taste.

Since there were only three barrels used to make this whisky there is about enough for 855 bottles.

Update 26/03/2016: the website mentions four barrels that were used.

Update 04/04/2016: the website mentions the four barrels resulted in 1130 bottles. 

This is sort of confirmed by the cubic meter vat they put the three barrels in for combining the three barrels into one final spirit. 

I asked about this whisky on Facebook and it will be 46%, natural colour, unchill filtered.

The bottle looks like this

Photo as linked to RTV Drenthe website by RTV Drenthe-Bas Vis

I got a message today that I could order my reservation. So I did.

I also have found a photo on the website of the bottle and the box.

The bottle I ordered got in and I made a nun boxing blog that you can check out Here

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