3 January 2016

Hunting for Old Pulteney 17 yo

Today I watched a Review by Ralfy on YouTube that features Old Pulteney 17 yo. I always enjoy the reviews of Ralfy since they are honnest, straat forward and non-commercial. Go Watch it.

Photo by oldpulteney.com

I wanten to see what the price level would be for this Dram, so I did my normal scan along all the retailers I know here in Holland.

Turns out that here in Holland my options are: 

  • Drank.nl : € Not Available 
  • Drankgigant.nl : € 72,50
  • Drankdozijn.nl : € 72,50
  • Mitra.nl : € Not Available
  • Gall.nl : € Not Available
  • Bestofwhisky.com : € 79,70
  • onlinewhiskybestellen.nl : € Not Available
  • Whisky-on-line.com : € Not Available
  • passievoorwhisky.nl : € Not Available
  • Masterofmalt.com : € 81,41

Apparently this malt is not meant for the general public since they are not sold in the Gall en Gall en Mitra stores. This means you will not run into it when shopping at a supermarket or a mall here in Holland. You will have to go in to a specialist store or shop at one of the above mentioned sites.

This time Drankdozijn and Drankgigant are ex aequo in first place. Drankgigant is again the best in price.

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