23 June 2016

Innovative Whiskeys From the USA

I'm blessed with having been send 12 samples of Whiskey/bourbon/rye made by some of the innovating distilleries in the USA! All for educational purposes off cause! 

Just to share what a vast amount of studying material I have been send I'm posting these photos below as a thank you to the kind Lads that send them to me! 

The samples were generously send by the Guys from Harimex Development which imports and wholesale a large gamma of drinks. Please see their website http://newsite.haromex.com

From the Koval Distillery samples were send of:

From the Catoctin Creek Distillery samples were send of:
  • Roundstone Rye, 40% ABV, 100% Rye,
  • Roundstone Rye 92 proof, 46% ABV, 100% Rye, Distiller's Reserve
  • Roundstone Rye Cask proof, 58,9% ABV (depending on the barrel), 100% Rye
Review can be found in this blog : catoctin-creek-roundstone-rye

From the Journeyman Distillery samples were send of:

What do I hope to learn from these Whiskeys?

  • I have compared the new make journeyman with the end product. You can read about that here. The difference between new make and the final product is rather big! 
  • I will compare these with the American Whiskeys I already own, Corsair Tripple Smoke, Noah's Mill and Elijah Craig 12 years.
  • I will compare all the rye mashbills and see how 51% rye or 100% rye influences the pallet.
  • I will see if what I learn tells me something about the wood influences found in "sherry" matured "scotch". This I'm (still) investigating in another blog

  • I should get more information and know how about how all these different corns and malts and grains influence the end result.

Blogs to investigate this task are :
Koval "Millet" : Koval "Millet"
Catoctin Creek : Roundstone Rye
Corsair Distillery: Triple Smoke

Lastly I will probably have loads of fun exploring the distilleries that have produced these drams and seeing what makes them unique!

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