5 May 2016

Unboxing DenHool Drentse Single Malt Whisky

I received my order of DenHool single malt whisky. It came in a "flessenpakket" box. 

The box is protecting the bottle and box very well. Some extra stuff is to protect against bumping from that end.

A photo of the box.

The back of the box

The bottom of the box

Opening the box.

Detail off the back label. This is bottle 585 out of 1130. The barley is prestige. It is from the 07-2008 harvest. Malted at Dingemans on 07-2009. Distilled at Zuidam 01-2010. Filled in casks on 19-02-2010. Used barrels are new American oak, first refill bourbon and PX Sherry casks. Bottled on 04-2016.

Information about the whisky.

The back of the bottle in total overview

The front.

Detail of the front label.

The box and bottle.

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