5 April 2016

Tasting note: clove vs clover

Since I am a Dutchman I think I am well aware of the correct translation of English to Dutch. 

I say this because kids in Holland are educated in English from the age of 7.

Ever since I first started watching the whisky reviews of Ralfy on YouTube I have been hearing the tasting note of Clove. In my mind that translates to the cute little plant with three, but if you have the luck of the Irish, four petals. 

People that are English will have started smiling by now. 

I was getting a tad suspicious of my own know how where I read about the taste associated with "clove". Despripters were all herbal like "dried ground clove". I started asking myself:"how the hell do you grind a petal!?" The thought started to arise, in my mind, that there was the slightest possibility that my knowledge off English might be less then presumed! 😵

So long live Google! Enter "clove" and hit come to the conclusion that clove and clover are two different things! Cloves and clovers too! All off a sudden the tasting notes made a hell of a lot more sense! Lol! Doh! 

Just for myself an image of a "clove"!

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