31 December 2015

The iLaddie blog

This blog will be About my quests in the wonderful world of whisky.

I have been learning about flavour profiles in the last view days. The blog I used to post on was iromby.blogpost.nl which I will probably still use, but not so much for whisky. 

The whisky I'm most proud of getting till now is the Bruichladdich 2001 resurrection dram which was bottled to honour the reopening in 2001 of this distillery. 

I had to really look all over Dutch websites to find it. Eventually I located a store in Enkhuizen that had one bottle available. 

Having sold some good amount of Lego I decided to get this bottle for €171,- 

I'm still debating if I'm ever going to open it, but it looks like I will!  

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